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Web Design

Purpose-Driven Design. Immersive User Experience.

A great web design can make your business more attractive and increase conversions. We make web designs that are functional and user-friendly and refine them until we achieve a level of simplicity and usability that they become immersive. We design the website to convey value about your offerings and invite action from your visitors. We do this with Responsive Web Design, UX Design, UI Design, Content Strategy, Custom Theme Design and Mobile First Web Design. We follow Web Design Best Practices.

Web design

Responsive Web Design

Intuitive user interface on every device.

Responsive Web Design changes how your website’s user interface displays on every device. We use responsive web design to make your user interface look, feel and function naturally on each device, so the user’s focus is the content and not the interface they use to engage it.

Responsive Web Design is achieved by CSS media queries and sometimes with scripting. We custom design where the CSS media queries for all user interface elements will be so the website displays optimized for every user on every device they use and will continue to do so for future devices.

  • Layouts
    device orientations
  • Devices
    common types
  • Media Queries
Responsive web design

UX Design

The experience side of web design.

UX Design, or User Experience Design, is designing the experience of using the website. We research customers habits, needs, behaviors, motivations and emotions. We use that research when designing the information architecture, interaction design, usability testing, page flow, site flow and content strategy.

UX design

UI Design

The visual side of web design.

UI Design, or User Interface Design, is the visual design and layout of your website. We use graphic design, typography, space, color theory, photo direction and animation to create the look of your website. We provide custom art and creative work that creates memorable visuals of your brand messages and illustrates the value of your products and services.

True‑to‑life imagery.

Photo enhancement. To create the impactful visuals, we correct perspective distortions, improve lighting, color and contrast, crop, and remove anything that distracts from the focus of the artwork. These are just some of the ways we make sure your images convey your company’s and your offerings’ value.

Web design

Content Strategy.

Organized Content. Intuitive Navigation.

Organized content. We develop a content strategy to create brand awareness, convert value about your your products and services and increate conversions. Content is added via forms that are custom built for your content strategy. Content auto-formats and displays itself everywhere it should on the site.

Intuitive Navigation. Intuitive navigation means users can easily and quickly find the content for which they are looking. We design the information architecture - the menus, teaser pages, page types and pages, so users intuitively know what to do.

Easy to add content. We design the structure so it’s easy to add content and have it show up everywhere it should be on your site.

Custom Content Types. We design custom page types for each type of page on your site.

Custom Content Forms. You’ll get a form for each type that lets you add content by just filling in fields for that type.

Web design regions

Custom Theme Design

Inspired UI.
Great UX.
Maximum ROI.

A custom theme means every part of the website is designed specifically for your site’s purpose. Designing a custom theme lets us use every part of your site to drive users to convert and avoids unwanted elements from distracting the user or weighing down site performance. your site is not only better at converting, it’s lighter too.

  • Dedicated
    to conversions
Custom theme design

Custom elements.

We custom design all of the elements on your site, like contact forms, navigation menus, order forms, calls to action and more.

Custom regions.

We custom design each region to best achieve your goals.

Custom content displays.

We design how each content type is displayed as a page and in each teaser page and block.

Custom visual design.

We design the visual look and feel of the entire theme for every device and orientation.

Mobile First Web Design

Resource Optimized Web Design

Mobile first web design is designing for mobile devices first and then for larger devices, prioritizing critical content for display on mobile, then adding more content to enhance the experience on larger displays The result is a higher-performant and more streamlined experience on mobile and a more resource-rich experience for devices with greater bandwidth.

Advantages of Mobile First Web Design

Dominate on Mobile

Mobile first web design provides quicker load times, streamlined navigation - both of which create a better experience for the user. Mobile first websites enjoy greater visibility in mobile search engines. So your site will be seen more and used more.

55% of searches on mobile.

To get visitors from mobile search engines to your site, your site has to appear in search engine mobile result pages.Mobile first web design optimizes the site’s interface and increases performance for mobile search. For larger devices, additional elements enhance the user experience on laptops and desktops for better placement in standard search engine result pages.

One site optimized for all devices.

Smart phones and tablets have less bandwidth and computing power than a wifi-connected laptop or desktop. Mobile first web design allow us to load only the resources needed for each device size. So desktop-specific features don’t bog down the mobile display with complicating page elements and code. Yet, it’s still only one website.

Best Practice Web Design

Learn more about our web design practices

Mobile Friendly.

We create every web design to use the least amount of resources necessary to drive conversions at the site level. At the display level, we leverage mobile first web design and responsive design to provide an unparalleled user experience on mobile devices. Fewer resources means faster page loading. Which makes the user happy. Which makes Google happy. Which means better search results and more business for you.

Search friendly.

We create web designs so they can be fully optimized for search engines. We design the theme so it can provide meaningful information to search engines and design the content to provide useful relevant results. We design the visuals aspects to maximize user experience and avoid any web design elements that would be penalized by search engines. This translates into more search traffic and business.

User Friendly.

We create every web design to provide an immersive user experience through a user interface refined for all display sizes. Mobile first design, responsive design and a custom theme means we get to tailor each part of the user interface to leverages the interactions with which users are most familiar for their current device and provide a great user experience. User friendly sites get more traffic so more exposure and opportunity for you.

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