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Custom Built to Maximize Conversions.

E-Commerce allows the selling of products and services on your site. We create an e-commerce infrastructure for your specific business model and automate processes to maximize conversions. We develop e-commerce into your content management framework to provide a seamless user experience, create enhanced workflows, automate more and leverage everything that we do for web development.

E-Commerce development

Custom Order Forms

Product and Service Configurators

Every E-Commerce development project we do begins with an e-commerce strategy. We identify the products and services types, the attributes associated with each; gather all the data and create the best order form design for each type. We custom build order forms for each product and service type to provide the ultimate custom user interface for ordering.

Simple Order Forms

Simple Order Configurators

For E-commerce projects that have pre-configured versions of products that can be directly inventoried, we develop an optimal simple order form. These types of forms allow end users to select the desired product, configure its attributes and choose a quantity. We develop the orer form to check inventory and can restrict available options to only those in stock, show out-of-stock options and allow pre-order.

E-Commerce development
Simple Order Form. Lisa Sparkles Ballroom & Latin Dance Studio, Syosset, NY. Group class order form. Buy 1 or 4 classes for 1 or more people. Total per Person refreshes automatically when the user changes the Number of Classes.

Advanced Order Forms

Advanced Product Configurators

For e-commerce projects that have products and services that are customized by the user, we create advanced e-commerce product configurators. These e-commerce order forms allow end users to custom build a product or service with infinite configurations. Here, we track inventory of sub-components, whether they be physical components or time. We develop e-commerce product configurator order forms to calculate and update prices based on pricing rules we define, so the possibilities are endless. And we automate the entire process, so the user experiences a real-time, optimal buying experience.

E-Commerce Order Form
Advanced Order Form. EngineeredFX Online Marketplace, US. Buy any or all services offered by a user. Price updates based on big session dials, selected services and seller's prices. Estimated Time to Start based on unfinished prior orders. Estimated Time to Draft based on seller's unfinished orders plus seller's pace for each selected service based on big session dials and sub-settings for each service of the current order.

Advanced E-Commerce Web Applications

E-Commerce Integrated Web Applications

Program Platforms

Content platforms are websites where users can purchase a program and access the program through the website. These programs allow service providers to maximize their time by serving many buyers at the same time. We develop the order form, user dashboard, content access and other critical features when we develop this type of platform.

E-Commerce call to action

Content "Dripping"

Providing access to additional content every x many days.

User Dashboard

Providing access to the program content, orders and more.

Access Control

Access control restricts each user's access to their purchases.


Notifications let users know new items are available for purchase.


Marketplaces are websites where users can sell their own goods and services to other users. In Marketplace e-commerce projects, we develop the web applications that allow sellers to create their products and services, the user interfaces where the products and services can be found and the user dashboard features that allow sellers to manage their sales and allows buyers to manage their orders. Of course, we also develop the payment collection, calculation and distribution systems that automate the site distributing funds to the site owners and sellers. Some features:

E-Commerce marketplace development

User Dashboard

Permissions and ACL allow one user dashboard to serve sellers, buyers and site managers. We develop intuitive navigation and access to all user controls.

Automatic Payments

We develop the functionality that calculates company and seller shares, automatically distributes company earnings and lets sellers withdraw their earnings.

Order Approval System

For marketplace projects, we develop and automate the order approval process so buyers can review and approve orders before they're released to the seller.

Order Management

User pages for orders, sales and earnings built to empower sellers, earn buyer confidence and automate site manager tasks.

E-Commerce Features

Popular E-Commerce Features

E-commerce is a web application comprised of functions that together provide features that allow selling products and services online, providing customers with order information and providing site managers with information to fulfill and track orders.

Secure On Site Checkout

We integrate high trust credit card processors and SSL certificates. This simplifies the checkout process, provides a better user experience and builds trust.

Full PCI Compliance

We develop checkout to happen directly on your site but without the card touching your site, so you don't have to worry about PCI-compliance.

Automatic Payment Distributions

Payments are distributed automatically to your bank account by the third party credit card processor. This automation saves you time.

Minimalist Checkout Page

We develop minimalist, ajax-updated one-page checkout, with features like stored address and stored card-on-file for even quicker checkout.

Custom Cart

We develop a custom cart to maximize order completion for you. When it makes sense, we skip the cart page altogether.

Custom Dashboard

Users can access their online deliverables and orders, store their address and credit cards and take advantage of promotions.

Admin Dashboard

Site managers can administer orders, product types, products, order forms, customers, payments, shipping, inventory, discounts, promotions and more.


Inventory management developed to best facilitate your you business model. Track products with limited options, or track components for truly customizable products.


Discount products or orders based on cart contents, order total, user groups, or any attribute of the user, user's cart, browsing session or date and time.

Smart Cart

Allow or disallow products, product groups, quantities or orders based on user, user group, user history cart or session data. Remove discounts if a qualifying condition is removed.


Promote products based on any set of conditions and notify users of how close they are to qualifying. E.g., "Your $5 away from getting a free gift!"


Real-time shipping rates from major carriers based only on what matters to you, like product attributes, shipping method, destination, user group, matrices and more.

Reward Points

Users can earn or be granted points that can be applied as payment to new orders. Allow users to apply all or some points to any order or an order meeting conditions you specify.

Category Pages

We create category pages with custom product displays and advanced product filters so users can find products quickly.

Order Status

Track an order from cart through checkout and ordered to delivered. Change order statuses and users can view changes in their dashboard.

Automated Emails

Automated email notifications an any time; e.g., automatic email notification when an order status changes. E.g., "Your order has shipped!"

Recurring Payments

Subscriptions are predictable. We employ card-on-file functionality and automatic payment distributions to your bank to automate recurring payments.

Email Reminders

Scheduled email reminders to re-order consumable products. Sold a 1 month supply without a subscription? No problem, your site will email the buyer a reminder to buy more.

Ad Space

Sell ad space to automated ad networks.

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