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Digital Marketing

Promote and convert through multiple channels

Digital marketing uses digital channels to convey value and create conversions. We focus on creating multi-channel campaigns dedicated to improving brand awareness, convey value propositions about products and services, promote events and drive sales.

Digital marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Drive traffic and conversions from Search Engines


Organic Traffic from Search Engines.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization, optimizing your website for search engines so that it can be listed in search result pages for relevant queries. SEO projects have 3 broad goals: (1) improve your web pages' positions in search engine result pages, (2) increase the breadth of terms for which your pages appear, and (3) increase the percentage of clicks from appearances in search engine result pages.

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Search Engine Advertising.

Returns from Paid Engine Traffic.

Search Engine Advertising, or Pay per click advertising, provides guaranteed traffic to your site. Ads placed in search engine result pages and their advertising network convey your offer to searchers of related topics. We do Search Engine Advertising campaigns by creating an initial funnel and then remarketing to an audience of users who responded to prior ads. Marketing to warm leads with specific offers reduces cost and increases ROI.

Social Media Marketing

Leveraging social media platforms into conversions.

Social Media

Social Media Sharing

Free Traffic from Social Media.

We add features to every web design and development project that make it easy for you and visitors to share your content and offers on social media. The shared content is generated from the page itself and links back to the website to help drive traffic and conversions. As part of our content strategy, we develop special fields on each content creation form that gives complete control over what is shared on social media.

Social Media Advertising

Paid Ad Displays on Social Media.

Social Media Advertising campaigns allow your social media "post" (ad) to reach users beyond your followers and friends. Demographic targeting allows targeting of users by geographic location, education level, age, gender, income, interests and more. Analytics shows ad engagement and conversions data. Remarketing allows running ads to users who engaged prior ads.

Email Marketing

Increase awareness and drive conversions.

Send news and offers directly to a target audience. We create a multi-type message campaign to increase open rates and click through rates, to increase brand and product awareness and to drive conversions. We can make websites create compose, schedule and send emails automatically, track opens, clicks and run automated follow up emails based on how a subscriber responded to prior emails. We use content strategies that avoid accidentally being marked as spam and send emails using proper STMP with SPF, DKIM and DMARC support to overcome gray-listing. We build your website to allow users to manage their email subscriptions directly and manage mailing lists and interests groups to maximize retention and relevancy.

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