Web Development

It makes your Web Design into a Website.

Web development lets your users engage your brand’s content through the user interface and architecture of your web design. Building with a world-leading digital experience platform, we engineer websites to take full advantage of what available technologies are capable of. We develop websites to be as easy to use as they are beautiful to look at. Website employs an amazing collection of technologies that you and your users can use every day. And they enable your website to work wonderfully with all modern browsers and devices.

Easy to learn. Easy to update.

We develop websites to make it easy to find, share and do just about everything. You can control your website with simple, intuitive actions. Custom content types allow you to make content that looks and behaves exactly how you want them to. A secure login lets you access practically everything on your website. Navigate to any page and you can edit the content as you browse. Or use the content manager to filter, find and create content effortlessly. A content editor lets you revise content quickly and intuitively. A user manager lets you assign roles with unique access capabilities to your users.

Secure Login lets you access practically anything on your website.

With Content Manager, you can filter, find, and open all your content from one place.

User Manager lets you quickly find your users and assign roles with unique access capabilities.

Every detail considered.

Over the years, our web development has changed in many ways. But the principles that define it haven’t: power, simplicity, beauty. Continued refinements have made our websites even more powerful and easier to use, while maintaining the elements essential to Website. As with every Designfox project, each detail is obsessed over: from the distinctive styling of the text to the menu to the easy of navigating everything from basic pages to blogs. Because when it comes to a great experience, the difference is in the details.

We break down the web design into components then develops those components for optimal user experience.

We develop your Website’s user interface so customers can engage your brand's content intuitively.

Developing for mobile-first means a better, faster experience for mobile devices which typically have less bandwidth and processing power.

HTML markup coded to reinforce the semantics, or meaning, of the information on the web pages, rather than just the look, lets search engines understand your content more.

Responsive Development.

We use best responsive development practices to make Website mobile-friendly. Website knows if it’s being viewed on a mobile device and responds accordingly. Website adjusts to mobile mode automatically, making navigation easy and smooth— so using your fingers to tap, scroll, pinch, and swipe feels perfectly natural. These gestures are a fundamental part of users' experience, which allows everything they do on your website to be simple, intuitive, and fun. Menus, slideshows, galleries, text, images and videos are all developed to adjust perfectly to the viewing device.

Responsive Menus

Responsive menus lets you navigate Website on mobile devices and on desktops in the form most suitable to those devices.

Responsive Slideshows

Responsive slideshows adapt the text and media to the device's width. Swiping allows navigation through slides on phones and tablets.

Responsive Content

Responsive content adjusts text and media for view on different devices so viewing the content is easy and natural on each device.

Adaptive Images

Smaller images for mobile means faster loading and better user experience. Larger images on desktop allows full-size viewing.

Built to work with other technologies.

We develop websites to get the most out of available technologies and third party services, so you get a fully integrated system in which everything works together seamlessly. Website works with Google Analytics to track sessions on your Website, so when you want to see what users are doing on in your Website, you can. Website can also report Google Analytics data within Website's secure admin area.

Website works with Google’s and Bing’s Sitemap API so when you update your content, Website submits it to Google and Bing to be listed in their search engines. And Website is built with jQuery included, so we can add popular jQuery and jQueryUI plugins easily.

Amazing authoring and other apps.

With every Website, we add a powerful content editor. If you already use a word processor, it’ll feel instantly familiar. The editor will style your content in the same exact way as the rest of Website and distribute the content automatically. Parts of the content can show up in one place, and other parts of it can show up in another place. Text is styled and images are resized for each place automatically.

Of course, we can add additional functionality like blogs, forums, e-commerce, CRM, calendars, social networks, news aggregators, wikis, photo galleries and reviews. Natively.

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Built for power. From the ground up.

Developing Websites for stability, scalability and flexibility requires some seriously advanced technologies. Our Websites are loaded with them. A time-tested, community-supported system provides unparalleled stability and industry-leading compliance with internet standards. Our websites are built to respond effectively and beautifully to high amounts of traffic. And you can add features or additional complexity later, so your Website can grow as you do.

If you use social media, you’ll love what you can do with Website.

Your Website can work with your social media in many ways. You can share content from your Website on your social media profile right away. Icons linked to your social media profiles can let users explore your Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or other social profiles right from your Website. We can also develop the site so social media plafform-specific tags are included on each page, allowing better integration with each platform.

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Everything you publish. Anywhere. Automatically.

You can display any part of a piece content in any way, in any place on the website. And we build forms for each type of content, so each content type is built around your needs. Let’s say you want to showcase a few of your projects. Each project gets a page with a picture and a few paragraphs. But you want a page called “Gallery” that has a different picture and text for each project. We develop the custom forms for that content type and the gallery page to display your pages exactly how you want them to appear.

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Security. From the beginning.

Website is engineered with advanced technologies that are constantly being reviewed and updated as necessary to keep your Website and the information on it safe. Website’s core code has been proven to prevent common security problems such as those defined in the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP). And the framework’s thriving develop community collaborates extensively to deliver the best security strategies for Website’s system.

The best way to keep your Website secure is to keep your software up to date. The Website notifies you when an update is available. And because updating your Website extensions is free, it’s easy to keep your Website safe with the latest security features and enhancements.

Compatible with All Popular Browsers

Website is developed to be compatible, reliable and consistent across all devices and device browsers. View your website on Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Android browser and Internet Explorer. We code for maximum compatibility with all devices, operating systems and browsers.

65% Browser Usage

Google Chrome

10% Browser Usage

Microsoft Internet Explorer

20% Browser Usage

Mozilla Firefox

5% Browser Usage

Apple Safari