Website Applications

Ask not what you can do with Website. Ask what Website can do for you.

Every Website can be developed for specific applications it can do every day, like show portfolios of your work, show schedules in calendars, enable e-commerce for selling products and services online and automated newsletters for sending updates to an email list when new content is published. You can do stuff too, like use content creation forms to add new content without knowing code and use Website to manage contacts, activities and relationships. It can even be developed to host information for a mobile app.

  • Portfolios
  • Video
  • Feeds
  • Content Creation
  • E-Commerce
  • Brand Equity
  • Leads
  • Newsletters
  • Webforms
  • Social Media
  • Calendar
  • Blogs
  • Mobile Apps
  • Online Store
  • Collaborate
  • Store Locator
  • CRM
  • Automated Tasks

All your work.
Always available for browsing.

Custom project forms makes it simple to share all of your work online. Powerful yet easy-to-use forms let you add images, videos and text even if you're a beginner. And we can revise the forms at any time, so your forms can grow with you. Images are scaled and cropped to the right size automatically. Take it further with a custom illustrated project form designed to let you to place images, videos and galleries next to text - by just completing a form. Portfolio pages let users view a teaser for each of your projects. Multiple portfolio pages can show different types of projects. A simple drop-down on your project page lets you choose in which page your project's teaser is displayed.

On your website.
More than just YouTube and Vimeo.

Website is a perfect home for your marketing videos. Personally introduce your company and share your passion and expertise for what your company does. Website makes it easy to add video from popular video sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo. Simply add the video ID and website formats the video automatically. It can also stream videos from other sites and locally host video. Website can show your video anywhere on any page. It's built to be compatible with all modern browsers and responsive for perfect viewing on any device.

Really simple syndication.

Syndicating your Website's content has never been easier. Website gives you the ability to provide RSS feeds - urls that visitors can added to their RSS reader by clicking a button. The visitors receive your new content in their reader every time you publish new content on your Website. From projects to blogs, Website can provide feeds for all of your content types. Website can also aggregate feeds from other websites and present them on your Website.

Content Creation Forms
Easier than π.

Website makes it super easy to add and illustrate content. Custom content forms provide image fields for uploading images. A WYSIWYG editor lets you add header tags and body text just like if you were using a word processor. An image uploader lets you upload images for adding images to the body. Illustrated content forms lets you build pages in sections, adding images, videos or galleries next to text in each section - just by filling out a form. Each content type has its own creation forms, so they can have different fields in the form. And Website handles new content based on its type, so your content shows up where and how you want it.

Websites never brought home so much bacon.

Create sales on your Website and and collect payments automatically. E-commerce is added to your website natively, so you don't need a separate CMS. Easily add products or services to your Website, review and process orders and send messages to your customers. Integrate with other features to create even greater functionality. For example, a calendar with e-commerce allows you to sell reservations online.

Brand Equity
Your company totally stands out.

Website makes it easy to build and grow brand equity. Website employs powerful responsive design and advanced informational architecture that brings your brand messages to life. Users can interact with your Website on any device. And engage your message effortlessly.

Capture surfers where they surf.

Website is the best and most reliable way to create organic impressions in search engine results pages. Custom content creation forms allow you to add custom page titles, header tags, body text, images and automatic clean SEO URLs for targeting key phrases. Semantic code and rich snippets tells search engines about the meaning of the information on Website's pages. An XML Sitemap lets Google, Bing and Yahoo know about the pages on your site automatically and regularly. Custom meta descriptions choose the content displayed on search engines for each page. Performance Website is developed to load incredibly fast for improved user experience, which search engines reward with improved search results.

From your website to their inbox.

Email Marketing is a simple, powerful way to engage your audience. SMTP support allows Website to send emails from many popular email services like Rackspace, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and Microsoft 365. It's easy to create a newsletter. Website allows you to create a newsletter page and send it as a newsletter, so your message is available on your Website as well as in your email. Website manages your email lists, and allows users to subscribe and unsubscribe from newsletter lists. Users can subscribe to receive updates and announcements you post, right on Website, and receive the updates and announcements, right in their inbox.

Receive messages from leads and gather information from visitors.

Love leads? You'll love leads from your Website. Webforms allow visitors to send messages to you right on your Website. No need to use an email program, they just enter their information directly on Website and Website emails it to you. Your email address isn't visible so it's protected from scraping. Antispam measures make sure only actual people contact you. Webforms are custom built for you, so you can collect exactly the information you want. Visitors can add text to text fields, long text to text areas, select radio buttons and select lists - even upload files - in a form that fits perfectly on all devices. Lose an email? No worry. Website stores a copy of the email that you can access from the admin section.

Social Media
Billions of viewers are your audience.

Website lets visitors like and +1 your pages and share your content on social media, so your brand messages go further. Visitors can share on Facebook, Google Plus and Linked In. They can tweet on Twitter. Every share includes an image from your page, title and a description. Visitors who share your pages are brought to the social media site to complete the share, and then returned to your Website, so you don't loose the visit. Viewers who click on the shared post are brought to your Website, where your calls to action convert them to leads. Autoposting allows your Website to post new pages to facebook and twitter automatically. Auto Importing pulls posts from Instagram and Twitter. Social Profile links allow users to click to visit your social media pages and learn more from those channels. And Website's landing pages are great for Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and YouTube Ads.

Reservations and scheduling.
The easy way.

Website makes it easy to present schedules on your Website. Create events of any type - private lessons, group classes and so on. Show all of your events on a calendar, and allow users to filter them so they only see the ones they want. Choose monthly, weekly or daily views and let users change the view as they want. Add start and end times, location, images and text to each event. Even create recurring events that repeat at regular intervals. Add e-commerce to allow reservations to be purchased. Payments are collected and delivered to your bank, email confirmations are sent and seat availability is tracked - all automatically.

Perfect for articles.
And projects. And more.

Blogs are more than just a great way to publish an article and have a teaser show up in lists. Website uses blogs to present teasers of any type of content, allowing visitors to be able to view overview pages. The overview pages show teasers of all of the content in that category. Add a blog for projects and users can view teasers of your projects which they can click to see the full content. Add a testimonials blog, and users can view just testimonials on that blog. Want the last 4 project teasers and latest 3 testimonials on the home page? No problem. Website can show blog information on any part of the site. And it will update automatically when you add content.

Mobile Apps
Host information for your mobile app.

Website lets users browse, purchase and submit information. It stores the information needed to do that in a database. Now, website can store the information for a mobile app in that database. Mobile apps can update with the information from the website in real time - automatically, so users always have the latest information.

Online Store
Sell, sell, sell. Even when you're sleeping.

Website is perfect for running a dedicated online store. It's easy to create products and product categories. Website can provide a secure connection via SSL to allow onsite checkout. Website integrates with popular payment processors, and can process the payments and deposit them into your bank account - automatically. Upon an order, website sends email confirmations to the customer and an order notice to you. Website makes it easy to review and process orders, manage inventory and more - all within the same fast, secure and reliable enterprise-class platform.

Comments and Forums.

Website is the best way to share your brand message and publish blog articles. Comments allow visitors to contribute to the conversation. Website allows you to moderate comments and communicate with commenters. Forums provide a place to discuss topics. Website allows you to moderate posts and communicate with posters. Comments and forums let visitors interact with your website and contribute for a shared purpose. The secure login authenticates visitors to control access and verify identify. And it all happens within your Website, so there's no reason for additional logins.

Store Locator
Be found offline too.

Website can put you in front of the whole world. Website can integrate Google Maps and Google Store Locator Utility, so you can show locations, bubble markers and more in satellite, hybrid and standard views. Users can enter their location and website will return listings of the closest locations, complete with address and contact information. If the user shares their location with the browser, the map will re-center and zoom in around their physical location.

Manage Contacts, Activities and Relationships where they happen.

Website can manage contacts, activities and relationships natively. Website with CRM allows you to manage customer relationships on your website. Record various customer interactions, automate various marketing tasks and give managers the ability to track performance and productivity - right where the action happens, on your Website. Manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle in the administrative section.

Automated Tasks
Scheduled Jobs and automatic reactions.

Website makes it easy to get things done the way you want. Schedule publish and un-publish dates for a piece of content. Create rules for automated responses to visitor interactions. Share automatically to Facebook, Twitter and Linked In. Send newsletters automatically, or send update lists when a certain number of new pieces of content are published. Email a brochure or guide when someone submits a form. Whatever you want your website to do, Website can make it easier.

Features that can make your website work more for you.

Remarketing Target ads to visitors who responded to prior ads.

Image Optimization Losslessly compress images and their delivery.

Multi-lingual Translated pages displayed by geo-location or dropdown.

Auto SEO URLs Auto-generated SEO friendly URLs

Cache Serialization Make sure viewers see the latest version of your page.

Admin Dashboard One place to control everything.

Audio Fields Upload audio files with a simple select field.

Video Fields Stream videos by pasting a video ID.

Adaptive Images Display images sized for the viewing device.

Automation Automate frequent tasks.

Content Finder Find content with the content browser.

Content Preview View drafts on website before making them live.

Subscribe Forms Constant Contact, Mail Chimp or phpList.

Hosted Fonts Serving fonts from Website is faster.

Resource Compression Smaller files compressed for delivery.

Rules Automated responses to predefined actions.

Animation Advanced CSS3 animation.

Ad Space Sell ad space to automated ad networks.

Calls to Action Direct visitors to act.

Easy Updater Keep modules up-to-date.

Sticky Posts Keep pressing posts at the top.

Browser-specific code Look good no matter which browser.

Google Webmaster Tools See how your website performs in search engines

User Account Secure login for client areas.

Permissions Assign permissions to roles and roles to users.

Image Formatting Automatic scaling and cropping of images.

Google Analytics See how visitors engage your Website.

Dashboard Quick access to information.

Secure Login Securely access Website administration section.

WYSIWYG Modes Quickly accessible editing profiles.

Spell check WYSIWYG editor proofs as you type.

Dashboard Menu Everything you need and nothing you don't.

Backup Automatic backup for your Website.