Responsive. Powerful. Flexible.

Website has always offered a uniquely simple yet enjoyable experience. And now with its mobile-friendly responsive design, website creates an even greater shopping experience for your customers. It’s not just nicer on phones and tablets. It’s a website that lets you be found more and sell more — on a whole new scale.

Responsive Design A design for all devices.

With break point ranges covering all devices, Website features the best user experience of any dedicated e-commerce platform. The adaptive theme makes everything users do - browse categories, filter products, check out - easier and faster. And with stay-on-site checkout, you deliver the ideal shopping experience.

Powerful Development on the most capable CMS.

At the heart of Website lies a world-class e-commerce platform. The same platform that powered Internet Retailer Top 1000 merchants than anyone else last year - twice that of the nearest competitor. The system that powers website transacts more than $50 billion each year. So the most demanding businesses can rely on it.

Administration A better experience with every click.

Website uses the most intuitive, advanced and secure e-commerce platform in the world. With capabilities that take full advantage of Website, you can be be more productive and creative in your marketing. Dashboard makes seeing an overview of your store a snap. And features throughout the system, including customers management, order management and email notifications, make administering your online business easier.

Automated E-Commerce A rich owner experience.

With secure on-site checkout built in, Online Store provides a shopping experience as complete as it is elegant. It emails confirmations and provides a purchase history the user can check by logging in. And it goes just as far for owners. Online Store automatically processes credit card payments and transfers those funds to your bank account of choice - automatically. So whether you're working or sleeping, Website is making your life richer.

Design Huge and light at the same time.

Even with its custom responsive design, Website has an astonishingly light code base. Yet thanks to precise web development, Website feels huge and snappy. For all its capabilities, the most surprising thing about Website may be how easily it seems to disappear behind your products.

SSL Security Advanced security.
Right from the start.

Website uses secure socket level (SSL) technology that protects connections to your Online Store from being intercepted. So your shoppers can enter their credit card information with confidence that it's safe, even if someone is trying to eavesdrop on WiFi. SSL lets user make secure purchases on Website, easily and securely.

The Product Filter Let users find products easily.

The product filter presents attribute toggles to create a way to find products like no other. It’s a small tool that’s easy to use and connects users with the products they want, quicker and easier than ever. Just select your criteria and start finding.

Integrating with 3rd Party Apps Do more than ever.
With whomever.

Website comes with a variety of built‑in apps that make it easy to take on the tasks you do every day. And with Website, you’ll be able to integrate third party services that work with Online Store, so there’s virtually no limit to what you can do.

On Site Checkout Stay on site.
Even for payment.

With its secure socket level (SSL) connection, on-site checkout reassures the user at the critical time of checkout. It’s secured by an SSL certificate, allowing browsers to display the lock sign that lets users that their personal and credit card information is safe. And the credit card information can be stored elsewhere, so you don't have to worry about PCI-standard compliance. On site checkout also feels completely natural and responsive from the moment you click check out.

Inventory Management Self-managing inventory.

People love to buy online from Website. The inventory system in Website keeps track of how many products you have left, and adjusts the availability automatically. The inventory system provides messages to the user that you control; for example, whether or not an out-of-stock product is available for pre-order. You can update stock easily, or have stuck updated automatically from drop-shippers. And with an easy to use inventory system, you’ll see more detail than ever before.

Market Place You can be like Amazon.

Website can be developed as an online market place. Connect third party merchants with your site visitors, and enjoy your share of sales. Marketplace is a game changer, allowing you to become a resource for visitors and an opportunity for sellers. Whether or not you sell within your marketplace, Website allows for strategic brand positioning and development.

Third Party Extensions Expand what’s possible.

Whether you’re new to e-commerce or a seasoned vendor, you can get even more creative and productive with extensions designed especially for the scale, capabilities, and power of Online Store. Integrate social media, reward systems or products traits. Or take it further and allow third parties to update inventory and automate drop shipping for the ultimate automated inventory experience.